How Does It Work?

Here are the details of the process:


Answer “Yes” to the following questions:

  • Do you own your home, are current on your mortgage, and reside at the address where the property will be installed?
  • Have you been employed at your current job for at least six month, or are you rered/disabled?
  • Is your household monthly gross income $2,750 or greater?
  • Do you have an open checking account with a posive balance and no NSF’s for the last sixty days?



  • You can receive a link to an online applicaon you can fill out on your phone or tablet by texting: OKINUS 6335 to 484848 (Make sure to include a space between "Okinus" and number).
  • You can call 855.330.3959 and apply over the phone.
  • You can go to


What you will need:

  • Photo ID (address must match address of property
  • Bank statement (or DecisionLogic)
  • Written quote for equipment and installation.
what you will need

We will require some documentaon which you need to be able to provide either through text, email or fax. Okinus representaves are available either by phone or by chat during every step of the process.


Final Steps:

  • Once you receive and review the contract, simply e-sign it. Okinus will contact your HVAC Contractor with the go-ahead for installaon as soon as we receive the signed contract.
  • You will receive your copy of the contract at the email address you provide on applicaon.

All information will be verified. You must provide the most recent 60 day transaction history for the bank account provided on the application. Most verification can be done electronically. 


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