Rookie AC Technician

Are you looking for a career that will pay you what you are really worth? Are you making less than $30 an hour now? Are you looking for advancement opportunities that could change your life? Heating and Air Conditioning might be for you.

New HVAC Technicians can break $55,000 a year here in Vegas. A veteran with 3 to 7 years of experience in air conditioner repair in Las Vegas,  makes $90,000 to $230,000 per year.  No matter where you live in the USA there will always be a need for indoor temperature comfort. And they will always pay well for it.

It’s not easy

From personal experience, I can tell you this is the most physically demanding job I have ever had. You work in the hottest conditions trying to keep other people cool. You will spend 30% of your day on someone’s roof. As luck would have it, most of them will be two-story. You will spend 30% of your day in someone’s attic that feels more like a dry sauna only you are fully dressed.

You will work with high voltage on high roofs. You will sweat at least a gallon of water every day if you’re lucky. Most days more.

In short… wimps need not apply!

The good news is your customers will love you. I have never felt so much gratitude from a customer as when that cold air starts blowing out the duct. I have literally witnessed tears of gratitude from many customers. Not to mention some fat tips and one offer to have my baby. Oh, and did I mention the money.

The top technicians that complete our 6-week training will be given a van stocked with parts and sent out into Las Vegas and Henderson to save the day and help people bring comfort back there homes.

Each year we hire and train new technicians. Many of them have been threw schools. Many have not. Though I believe there is value in the schools I will tell you that 4 of the top-earning techs we have hired, started their education in our classroom not in a school.

If you have been to school, you may feel that you are ready to diagnose and repair air conditioners. Experience tells me that this is rarely the case. But we do offer an opportunity to test out of the class and jump-start your career.

For everyone else listen up!

If you have ever turned a wrench for a living.

If you have ever swung a hammer for a living.

If you have ever used your hands and your brain together to diagnose and repair something there is a pretty good chance, I can teach you how to diagnose, in real life, 90% of all AC problems. Our training is hands-on. In our classroom, you are going to open up old, rusted, beat up units that should be thrown away but we will teach you how to make them sing with cold air.

You will get your hands dirty on the very first day of class. Speaking for myself, book learning is not easy for me. Even watching someone do it may not teach me what I need to know. But putting my hands on something ingrains it in the brain.

Some men and women will pay more than $10,000 to go to Air conditioning school but that is not us. We are training you to work for our company, so we do not charge for the training. The only investment for you is a few hundred dollars in tools that you will need at the end of class. Upon completion of the class, you will be offered immediate employment. I graduate on Friday and go to work on Monday.

The schedule is Monday through Thursday from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

The next class starts on April 20th 2020. This is a limited enrollment because we only have so many chairs available.

If you really want a chance at getting in on this high-income career opportunity I will tell you the secret to getting a callback. Read everything on this page. You see, some people that don’t want to work at all will just submit a resume. Since I have never read a less than perfect resume, this does not help. If someone just sends a resume it is because they are lazy, do not pay attention to details or don’t want to work. These qualities do not make for a good Technician. Only those that fill out the form completely are telling me they really want to work.

If you want in and have read this all the way through click below to apply.

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