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Free 2nd Opinion

The last thing you want is to be in a house that is fast climbing to 95 degrees and waiting for an AC repair technician to show up. It is better to know today and that potential problems lye ahead. If and expensive repair is needed than you will have the time to get a second opinion.

FREE Second Opinion. We are not the replace it only solution company. Many times each week we encounter the scenario where the customer has been told that they need a very expensive repair or maybe a completely new system. In truth many of these jest needed repairs that can be done for less than $500.  Not to mention that they could get 3 to 5 more years out of their AC without further problems. That is why offer a free second opinion. So if you have been quoted an expensive HVAC repair or replacement, Give us a call. We will rush right over and give you a complete evaluation of your cooling system at no charge at all. – See more at: http://www.arctichvac.com/?preview_id=1820&preview_nonce=1d3d9fb260&preview=true#sthash.z7iBQvut.dpuf