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The only thing worse than setting in a hot house is being told that the only way to restore comfort is to buy a new air conditioner. Though that may turn out to be the best way I can remember about a hundred times Fast Affordable Air was called out to fix an AC that another AC company said was beyond repair and we had it up and running in under an hour. Some of those repair bills were under $200 though the average was closer to $600. Sure, that is a grip of cash. On the other hand, when the new unit that wanted to install would have cost over 10 grand, $600 ain’t so bad, right?

Free Estimates on Old R22 AC Systems

These days it seems fewer and fewer AC repair companies are actually there to make the repair. For small and incidental problems they are prescribing a  replacement. It is nearly commonplace for some companies to walk in your door and in less than 10 minutes tell you that you must replace your AC to get your home cool again. Now with the banning of R22 on January 1st 2020 they are really out to get you to replace. The fact is we can still repair R22 air conditioners. We can even solve low refrigerant problems with substitute refrigerants like r438a and r407c. No, they are not as good as R22 but I can assure you they will get you through a season or two if you are looking for an alternative to replacement.

If you do need a new AC installed we think that should be presented to you as one of the options and then you can decide for yourself. When you call us out that may end up being the best choice on the menu but we guarantee to at least offer you a repair solution. Yes, Guarantee. Why? Because we are going to send out a skilled and well-trained technician, not a salesman that just looks the part. He or She will dig into your AC and find all the problems that are keeping it from blowing cold. We will even run a test to see how strong each component is so you will know how long your system will last if you do want to make the repair.

Free Estimate for Replacement

There are times when replacement is the best option. If you are looking at multiple leaks in the Freon system you could be chasing your tail month after month. If you have multiple component failures like a compressor with a motor your bill will be over $3000. Since we can replace an outdoor condensing unit for about that amount and a completely new system for $7000 to $14000 depending upon size, type and seer rating, it would seem prudent to go with the new and get the carefree warranty. Though cases like these make replacement the better option it will never be the only option with us.

Free Estimates for Repair (even on old systems)

We have fixed AC units that are over 40 years old. I’m not saying it is usually a good idea but our customers were given the choice and decided they would take the repair option. Choices, that is what we are all about.

If you keep your AC tuned up every year and change your air filters regularly it will last a lot longer than a neglected unit. I bet you knew that but you are not sure the previous owner of your home did. Once a system is allowed to run low on refrigerant or with a bad motor it weakens the overall air conditioner. This causes a small problem to grow into a bigger problem. Fast Affordable Air would like to offer you a free estimate to repair your AC. After we have diagnosed the problem we will give you an estimate for what it will take to restore comfort to your home. Then we will do a full evaluation of the air conditioner to identify potential problems that may present ion the near future. If you are looking for a straight shooter to give you an honest and free estimate for a repair, we are here to help.

If you have been told you “must” buy a new AC, kick that salesmen out of your house and call Fast Affordable Air now.


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