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Commercial Buildings are Not Using All Their Existing Tools to Fight Covid 19

Businesses May Not Be Using All Their Existing Tools to Fight Covid 19 Businesses are still struggling in this economy. There is little hope on the horizon for that to change. Government wants to close everything. Whether you agree or disagree with their prescription, we all need to do what we can to improve our…

Ductless Mini Split AC Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas homeowners are gradually switching to ductless mini split air conditioners nowadays, and that comes as a little surprise. There are several good reasons to have such an AC type to cool your home in the long run, all of which prompt people to look into expert ductless mini split AC services in Las…

What Causes My Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?

There are 12 potential causes for an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up. Most of the time the it comes down to low refrigerant or bad air flow across the evaporative coil. Low refrigerant is a quick fix for most technicians. For this reason we find that it is over diagnosed. In my experience low refrigerant…

AC Installation Las Vegas | Fast Affordable Air

AC INSTALLATION IN LAS VEGAS, NV When you’re living in cities like Las Vegas or Henderson in Nevada where temperatures can skyrocket during the day and summer can be really, really hot, an air conditioner is a basic need. This makes AC installation a top priority not just for homeowners, but also for offices and…

AC Repair in Las Vegas, Nevada | Fast Affordable Air

AC REPAIR IN LAS VEGAS, NV If you need AC Repair in Las Vegas on the Hottest day of the year in Las Vegas, you don’t have to start bathing in ice water to keep yourself cool. At Fast Affordable Air, we want you to feel confident in your commitment to rely on us when you have AC Repair related issue in Las…

AC Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

AC MAINTENANCE IN LAS VEGAS, NV Call on the experts Your air conditioner needs upkeep maintenance once a year. An annual evaluation of your home’s air conditioning can ensure that your system operates at peak performance a year long. Call on the experts at Fast Affordable Air for expert AC maintenance, serving the entire Las Vegas…