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Arguably the most neglected market for Las Vegas Homeowners is the High Efficiency roof top package air conditioners.  Typically, these heating and cooling units are located on the roof.

All of the most recognized brands offer and inverter split system. Only a couple acknowledge the need for a package unit. While most brands have ignored the need Bosch has perfected it. 


What is Inverter Technology?

You will hear the term a lot as you research high efficiency air conditioners. Inverter technology refers to the compressor and motors in the AC. They take 230 volts AC and convert it to DC voltage. That DC current can be modulated to the lowest possible speed needed to achieve the desired temperature. Unlike the alternating current single speed counterparts, they can run at 10 or more speeds to save energy while producing the same desired comfort.

Inverter Technology is not new. It has been around for about a decade in air conditioners. Most major brands offer some type of inverter system for your home. Though some brands are better than others, they tend to be a bit complex and unpredictable. They are also far more expensive than the Bosch system. For that mater they are far more complicated too than Bosch. 

Use only the energy you need to create perfect comfort.

No mater what SEER rating you choose there is no greater energy saving tool than Inverter technology. Even two stage units just can not compare. For energy saving and comfort the Bosch Inverter compressor will run at 25% to 110% of the capacity. Those times when the temperatures are mild like late evenings and early mornings your new Bosch AC may only 25% of capacity to create the comfort you desire. That reduced capacity converts to energy savings and lower utility cost.

Unlike conventional AC units that only go on at full power or off the Bosch Inverter is smart. It takes readings second by second, adjusting for indoor and outdoor temperatures.  There may be times when it takes 3 tons of cooling to keep your home comfortable. Other times it could take less than .88 tons to achieve comfort. Without the inverter you could be wasting as much as 2.25 tons of cooling energy.


The Dual Fuel Solar Advantage

If you already have solar on your home or are planning to ad solar soon, having a dual fuel heating system for your home could make this unit pay for itself in a year or two. If you have lived in Vegas for more than a year you may realize that gas heat is sometimes a little too much for our weather. We are already dry here, but a furnace will remove even more moisture. Having an Inverter Technology Heat pump allows for a gentler warming of your home.

Using electricity to heat your home is likely more expensive than using gas heat. Though only slightly more with these inverter style heat pumps.  Customers say that the power bill month over month is a bit more than using gas for heat. Natural gas is cheep in Vegas while electricity is not. However, if you have solar, this system can heat your home with what you are likely selling back to the grid.

Unlike conventional AC units that only go on at full power or off the Bosch Inverter is smart. It takes readings second by second, adjusting for indoor and outdoor temperatures.  There may be times when it takes 3 tons of cooling to keep your home comfortable. Other times it could take less than .88 tons to achieve comfort. Without the inverter you could be wasting as much as 2.25 tons of cooling energy.


I do not want Dual Fuel and electric heat.

Only about half of the Bosch installs that we do involve dual fuel. If you are doing the math this feature is simply the gravy not the meat and potatoes. The Bosch Spilt system with gas heat and electric cool can be installed to work just that way.

These little magic machines will keep the house more comfortable, and you might not even know they are on. With a running sound level as little as 56 dB, you may need to see it running to know that it is on.

Financing Available

Your new Bosch system with complete install and warranties can be yours for


Or chose a financing option that fits your budget like 0% for 2 years or 5.99% for 58 months, 7.99% for 115 months. Great prices with Great financing OAC can have you in high comfort by this time tomorrow.

Why pair the Bosch AC with the Rheem Furnace?

rheem furnace pricing las vegasBosch makes an excellent furnace. The only issue with there furnace is that it is for 95% applications. Only about 1 in 200 homes in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas are set up for 95% furnaces. The 95% furnace is usually reserved for cold climates and higher elevations. It is also a bit on the spendy side. To that end we rarely see the need to install the Bosch furnace with the Bosch AC Condenser and Coil.

The Rheem Furnace that we use has comparable components and a few upgrades that make it a better fit and a better value for Clark County.  Though I have heard a rumor that an 80% furnace could be offered by Bosch in the near future I would say that it would need to be pretty awesome for me to recommend over Rheem. Direct Spark Igniter,  cam look doors, under 2% air loss and the tubular heat exchanger are a rare combination for any brand except Rheem. In short the Rheem furnace is the best on the market today. You would need to spend more than double to find these combined features in another furnace brand.


Can the 95% furnace be installed anyway?

Absolutely. But rarely does it make since to do so. These 95% furnaces require new b-vent and new intake. It may also require roof or stucco patching.  We are happy to do all that if you want it. But that makes little since to do that financially or in the interest of time. Cost to convert your 80% furnace to a 95% furnace will range from $1200 to $2500 dollars. In the long run this is money that may not come back to you in energy savings or comfort for that matter.

Bosch on
Older homes


We Love installing Bosch Heating and Air Conditioning equipment on older homes.  The Bosch system offers a unique solution to those living in drafty and less efficient homes. It also brings about a level of comfort that you may not have thought possible. By setting the system up to run longer run cycles at lower wattage you can save on utility cost while avoiding those big swings in room air temperature.

What thermostat does the Bosch System use?


Bosch thought of everything including thermostat. Though Bosch makes their own thermostat this system works the same on any thermostat. There is no special wiring above the norm. We typically install a standard heat pump enable thermostat. If you have a Nest, Ecobee,  Senci, or Honeywell 2 it will work perfectly with your new Bosch Heating and Cooling System.


The NV Energy Power Shift program will help you get the best possible price on these new highly Efficient AC systems. Fast Affordable Air Just happens to be a Power Shift contractor. 

If you replace your system before it fails, you can get $1100 to $1500 Instant Rebate today when you buy a new 18 or 20 SEER system from us. That plus Accredited Bosch Contractor TM discounts make this High Comfort, High Efficiency unit just a fraction more than the 14 SEER AC units.

Bosch has been available in Las Vegas for about 4 years. Fast Affordable Air has been selling it for a little over 2 years. At last, we checked, we were the number one ABC dealer in the Valley. That said Bosch is gaining popularity extremely fast.  Though there are many similarities in the install process the training we received by becoming an Accredited Bosch Contractor has proven to be invaluable. As a reputable ABC Dealer, you can rest assured that your install will be done right!

As an ABC dealer we have committed to the Environmental Stewardship the same as Bosch.

We believe in the product. So do the men and women of Fast Affordable Air. After installing a few of these for other customers some of our people have begun installing these on their homes.

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