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Why we are not Promoting Trane?

Why we are not Promoting Trane?

It is hard to argue that Trane isn’t a quality brand. Moreover, the Trane condenser coils are a scientific advancement that makes other brands envy. Foundationally, they have always taken care of their employees and their employees consistently turned out a premium...
Dirty coils are an AC killer

Dirty coils are an AC killer

If you have ever wondered why your air conditioning repair man constantly harps on you about changing your air filters regularly you’re about to find out. Much of the time when we service an air conditioning system for a customer we find that they are fairly...

Cross contamination saga mixing R22 and 410a

Last AC season we had a call from a customer that used there home in Henderson as a vacation home for the past 5 years. 3 years ago they called out a company to fix what turned out to be a low refrigerant problem on 2 units along with a leak repairs. Though they made...