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Fast Affordable Air is your Rheem Pro Partner for Las Vegas. Buy with confidence. Your New Rheem system comes with a 1 year free replacement, 10 year conditional parts and labor warranty and our Life Time Quality Workmanship Guarantee.


There are brands you buy for reliability and piece of mind. Then there are brands you buy that keep AC repair guys well fed. You need only do a little research to know which is which. Have you ever bought an expensive item, took it home only to find out that it is broken? Have you ever bought something that you thought would last for many years only to have it break in a few months. If you’re lucky you can return it. If not, you’re stuck with fixing it. This is what we have struggled with over the past decade in business. We have installed Carriers, Amanas, Goodmans, Frigidairs and Tranes that needed to be repaired on install. We have had even more of those same brands break down within months of the install. That isn’t going to happen with Rheem. Some say brand doesn’t matter. It is the way it is installed that counts. Having installed 12 other brands over the past 10 years I can say with complete confidence, it’s both. Rheem’s product designs and quality are unmatched. That is why they back it up with the best warranty and coverage. For me, the measure of a great company is rarely visible when everything is going according to plan. It’s when there is a problem that the true character of a business shines through. I hope you never need the warranties and guarantees that they offer. If you do, you and I both will be glad you chose Rheem.

The Fine Print

Crane: Package units include the fee for the crane since it is just not possible to strap this big lug on our backs and walk up the ladder. Most condenser units are setting on the ground typically on the side of your home. However, there are a number of condos and even single family homes that have the condenser on the roof. If your condenser is on the roof we will add $155 to the above stated price.

Permits and Inspection:Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Clark County all charge a different amount for a building permit. Some cost as little as $80 while others will be around $200. Yep, them’s the breaks kids. You will only pay the actual fee.

Extras: In order to do a proper install and in fact pass the municipal inspection, you may need a few changes or external component changes. That is the the bad news. The good news is we keep the extras cheap. No really. Pipes, valves, electrical line, service disconnects, breakers, and thermostats with a unit install will run $20 to $100. And that is only if you really need them. We don’t sell or pressure you in to anything you do not need.

Duct work: Sometimes roof top AC systems will require a duct work to make the new unit fit on the existing setup. This adds time to the clock for us. Now we try to be fare and keep it as cheep as possible but metal is a bit spendy right now and labor prices are not getting any cheaper either. So you have a base line a modest modification will be included if it requires only a snip or two. If we are adding metal be ready for $100 to $200 in added cost.

Curbs: As for curbs, I almost always recommend them to customers though much of the time it is not actually required. There are a number of occasions where the existing roof top duct work will not connect to the new AC unit. When that happens, a curb can be used. Curbs run about $360. Okay, that hurt a bit but from an efficiency standpoint it is always money well spent. Curbs mount directly to almost any roof from flat to extremely steep. They allow the new air conditioner to set right on top and blow the air straight down in to the home. For this reason, they are far more efficient than old style side draft setups.

Now, for the Lawyer mambo jumbo. Prices stated above are after cash incentive instant rebates. Rebates can not be used with any other offer including special interest rate financing. Prices are subject to change without notice. All installs are subject to availability of equipment.

Brand: The equipment we will install is Rheem Brand. It has proven to be the most reliable.

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