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3 Year Repair Warranty

3 year parts and labor warranty on all air conditioning and heating repairs

We are already known for offering incredible prices on air conditioning repair. So it’s no surprise to us when people say that the cost to fix the air conditioner was much lower than what they had been quoted by another company. Today we offer an unprecedented 3 year warranty on all repairs. That’s right. If we fix your air conditioner we guarantee the part and labor will continue to work for at least 3 years and most likely much longer. This is our guarantee to you.

The industry standard for nearly all repairs performed by HVAC contractors is just 90 days. Some air conditioning companies offer one year on compressor. But we are offering a complete and comprehensive 3 year warranty on all repairs that we make to your air conditioner.

What a 3 year warranty for air conditioner and heater repair is worth to you

The reason why we’re doing offering a three year warranty is that we have been using top quality parts for the last 7 years. We have seen the difference in call backs for identical repairs. We are so confident that the part that we install, will hold up even though the manufacture only offers a 3 month warranty, we believe in the quality of that product and competency of our air conditioning technicians. You will pay no more for a comprehensive air conditioning repair with a 3 year warranty then you will without.

Heater-repair-that-is-affordableSome companies believe, that the best way to get more business is to need to fix your air conditioner year after year. And sadly this is a working business model. Some people need an air conditioning repair twice a year or more. The part that gets installed does not have a warranty that last long enough to prevent the additional expense it will cost. And even if the part is under warranty the labor cost, will still cost you for the installation. We have decided on a different approach and for the last 7 years this is what we do. We believe it is better to offer service beyond your expectations and reap the benefits of your positive comments and referrals from your friends. 70 percent of our business comes to us by referral. That is how we’ve grown every year, year after year. We understand the lifetime value of a customer that you don’t need to advertise too, but still contact you when they have what concerns or problem with a heating and air conditioning system.

air-conditioner-repair-henderson-nvOur 3 year warranty covers the part that is replaced, and the labor. Other components of the air conditioner are only covered if we have made a repair directly to that component.

Contact us today to get a fast affordable air conditioning and heating repair in Las Vegas with a 3 year warranty just for peace of mind.